Posted: 8 months ago

Agreement Signed on Constructing Final Section of Rikoti Pass Motorway

The Road Department has signed an agreement on constructing the final fourth section of Rikoti Pass motorway.

The agreement was signed with Guizhou Highway Engineering Group and China National Technical Import and Export Corporation, which won the international tender for building Shorapani-Argveta (F4) section, the Road Department reports.

The agreement was signed by the Road Department director Irakli Karseladze, Guizhou Highway Engineering Group deputy manager general Mu Jinvei and China National Technical Import and Export Corporation’s marketing department deputy manager Iang Bing.

The Shorapani-Argveta section construction works will be funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) with 582,777,310 GEL. The project calls for building 14.7 km four-lane concrete motorway, 14 bridges and 12 tunnels in 3 years.