Posted: 5 months ago

10 Largest Investor Companies in Georgia

According to the National Statistics Office, among the main reasons for the decline is the completion of the construction of the main gas pipeline and the transfer of several enterprises to the ownership of the resident of Georgia.

BPN was interested in which are the top 10 companies that have invested the most in the reporting period.

According to the National Statistics Office, the top ten companies operate in the energy and financial sectors. In particular, these companies are: Tbilisi Energy Ltd; Adjara-Energy 2007; Silk Road Group Holding and JSC BGEO Group.

The top 10 investor companies are: 

MagtiCom Ltd;

Tbilisi Energy LTD

Adjada-Energy 2007

Silk Road Group Holding


JSC Corporation Poti Seaport;

JSC RMG Cooper;

Toyota Caucasus Ltd;

Georgian Tourism Development Fund Ltd;

Rekan Group Georgia Ltd.