Posted: 5 years ago

What Does Branding of Kutaisi Mean? – Plans for Kutaisi Development

“This year we will finish Kutaisi branding”, Kutaisi Vice Mayor Nino Tvaltvadze noted.

The work is underway for Imereti Region branding and later Kutaisi branding process will be launched as part of the united action plan. Moreover, a logotype and a slogan will be also developed, she said.

The branding process will make the city more attractive for tourists, the Vice Mayor of Kutaisi noted.

“We have decided to make the city branding a part of a joint concept with the branding of our country and region. Consequently, we are waiting for completion of Imereti Region branding. We have already developed a due concept. Based on this concept we have already created Imereti DMO jointly with World Bank, Municipal Development una and National Tourism Administration.

One of the key objectives is to finish the branding, finish the concept development and approve the action plan”, Vice mayor of Kutaisi Nino Tvaltvadze noted.