Posted: 4 years ago

Washington Olivetto will Attend at Ad Black Sea

One of the most awarded advertising men of all times, Creative Consultant for McCann Europe, Washington Olivetto will give a speech at Ad Black Sea 2019.

Olivetto’s speech “Made in Brasil and Brazil” will be about Brazilian Advertising made for Brazil which achieved amplitude and visibility around the globe.

Talking about Olivetto’s awards will take a really long time, but some of his most impressive achievements are that he won more than 50 Lions in the Cannes Advertising Festival, only in the Film category, he was the only Latin American to win a Grand Clio in 2001, with a TV spot for Época Magazine, he was elected twice the Advertising Man of the Century by ALAP (Latin American Advertising Agencies Association) and by the Brazilian advertising news website

Monitor Mercantil. Moreover, in 2009, he entered the Hall of Fame of FIAP (Ibero-American Advertising Festival). What’s more, he created the 2 only Brazilian commercials mentioned in “The 100 Best TV Commercials ... And Why They Worked”, a book written by Bernice Kanner.

He didn’t just get attention from various international festivals or competitions, additionally he received public recognition. Washington Olivetto inspired Jorge Ben Jor, a famous and very perceived singer in Brazil to write “Alô, Alô, W/Brasil” and “Engenho de Dentro”. As well as that his name got turned into the name of some dishes at sophisticated restaurants. Furthermore, to celebrate social, cultural and economic relationship between Brazil and Italy the Brazialian post office made a stamp with Washington’s name printed on the side, as he is an italian descendant, along with an image of the Coliseum and the statue Cristo Redentor.

He has written 7 books that remained on the Brazilian best-seller list for weeks and the book he published in april 2018 “Direto de Washington” stayed on the same list for months.

If you are not yet convinced that Washington Olivetto is a true superstar in the advertising world, imagine that not only in 2014 he received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Clio Awards, but also that in September he was honored to receive the Lisbon International Advertising Award “Premio Carreira”. Also, crazy enough, he was invited to carry the Olympic Torch, during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

For decades Washington Olivetto was making big contributions to the advertising world, bringing creative, brave and fresh ideas to the Brazilian market. He is combining classic ideas with revolutionary and radical views.