Posted: 1 month ago

Ukrainian Borsch Soup Added to Unesco's Endagered Culture List

As BBC reports, the UN's cultural agency has added the cooking of borsch - a soup usually made with beetroot and potatoes - to its list of endangered intangible cultural heritage.

Unesco said the war in Ukraine had "threatened" the cooking of borsch.

"Victory in the war for borsch is ours!" Ukraine's Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko said.

Russia's foreign ministry ridiculed the move stating that Russia's version of the dish has no need for safeguarding.

Borsch is a hearty soup, usually colored red from beetroot - though green and white varieties also exist.

While Ukraine considers borsch to be its national dish, it is also widely consumed in Russia, other ex-Soviet countries, and Poland. As a result, its origins are contentious.

"We will win both in the war of borsch and in this war," said Mr. Tkachenko reacting to the news.