Posted: 11 months ago

Tana, Tedzami, Trialeti - New Protected Areas to Establish in Georgia

New protected areas are planned to be established in Georgia. Parliament approved a short-term plan for the government's legislative activities for the 2021 fall session.

According to the plan, legislative changes are planned to enter into force regarding protected areas. In particular, the Law of Georgia on the System of Protected Areas will be amended, Trialeti National Park will be created on the basis of Algeti National Park, part of which is the territory of Algeti and additional national park status will be granted to Tedzami and Kavtura river valleys and the northern slope of Trialeti Range.

Apart from this, the new draft law on the establishment and management of Tana and Tedzami protected areas will be presented in Parliament, which will aim at establishing new protected areas, Tana and Tedzama Protected Areas. The new draft law will affect the state budget of 2022.