Posted: 6 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Szabó: We Design Clothes with Soul and Character

Szabó is a concept brand - creating distinguished looks for everyday use with a little bit of touch to underline wearers character and individualism.

‘’Every person has a way of communicating with the world. For me, it’s fashion design. My thoughts, feelings, emotions, are processed in my mind and take certain shapes in the form of clothing. It is also manifested in the colors, its gradations, the synthesis of color and shape when creating a collection. The concept is developed in different contexts and finally, we get a tangible form-object from the processed information,’’said Anna Szabo in a conversation with CBW. 

What sparked your interest in fashion?

It all started when I was a kid. I grew up in the 1990s, and parents didn't have the resources to get a range of toys for their children at the time. With my love of design, I was able to break up the monotony by making clothes for a few of my dolls. If I did not have a material, I would look for alternative ways, such as sewing dresses from a paper cup. I would enrich it with accessories, shoes, hats, and a bag. In short, the full range was presented. Then I started making sketches. I couldn’t enroll in an art academy since my family couldn’t afford painting classes. But you will always get back to it, what you sincerely love and enjoy. Years later I got back to that path. I want to be an example to people who have given up on their childhood dreams for different reasons. Believe in yourself, and do what you love most and dream of. Even unbelievable dreams come true with hard work. I chose this path naturally. My subconscious, body, and mind have chosen this form of self-expression.

I took a break in design for some time, I went to the University of Theater, I got a 100 percent grant there and I won first place. I worked in the pantomime theater for years, then I collaborated with various theaters. Even now, in parallel with the design, I work in the theater. Even though I loved theater, I still felt like something was missing, that I could only express in terms of design, so I applied for a master's degree in the Academy of Arts.

Anna Szabo

What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

In the process of studying, I became a scholarship holder. Thanks to all the teachers who spared no energy and resources in my development. After graduating from the academy, the show was temporarily postponed due to the Covid-Pandemic. Nevertheless, we had very interesting workshops called zero-waste fashion with the involvement of foreign tutors, which once again showed us how important it is to take care of the world by using your work.

The main challenge in this field is that in addition to your idea, it is a business and your product has to be marketable, you have to calculate the target audience, the market niche. You have to consider supply-demand. Sell it commercially so as not to betray yourself and your visions. You have to walk on the fur bridge - we are constantly in this process.

In general, appraisers and consumers should talk about your creativity, the information you offer (in the form of clothing), what form it takes in the mind of the user, and how they perceive, see your thoughts. Creating each collection is a long process, reflected in the designer's portfolio.

How would you describe the aesthetics of Szabó? 

The most important thing for me is that my clothes have a soul, a character, their emotions, feelings, and story. Just as a good movie or book transforms our minds and acts emotionally, so too should my clothing evoke emotion, tell a story, and at least make a small difference in my customers. The technical side, the quality, and the processing of the product are also important. Whatever good idea you have, the second step is how you implement that idea in the material. I was lucky to meet a very good team when creating the Szabo brand. Our views on quality coincide.

Our products are already sold not only in Georgia but also in Azerbaijan. We also plan to communicate with different countries and increase sales locations worldwide.

Which materials and techniques do you use to create your works?

Specifically in this collection called "Continuum," there are techniques of zero-waste fashion, Shingo Sato, and origami processing. The theme of the collection is divided into two parts - vintage and futuristic. Also, I like the hand-painted prints on the fabric and the shibori, which I process with my technique so that such a product later becomes exclusive. It requires a lot of time and hard work. I mostly use natural fabric, but depending on the idea, I mix artificial if necessary. I do not use leather and natural fur. I try not to damage the world with my ideas and art, therefore I do not throw waste and give them a certain form. I have created several jackets with this technique, this is also a kind of character of my brand.