Posted: 5 years ago

Second Phase of Unprecedented Social Program of Liberty and New Hospitals begins

The cooperation between Liberty and New Hospitals continues in 2018 and the Liberty social cardholders will use the services of the medical services, specially made for them all over the country.

Until now, within this unprecedented and joint program, 11 250 social cardholders benefited with services.  In Liberty's 90 branches, after a free screening of cataract and glaucoma, additional free research in the New Hospital was performed for 3157 patients. Ophthalmic operations and various studies have been successful in cardiology, traumatology and stroke prevention.

Now, the Liberty social cardholders in the region will be able to conduct a free or discounted analysis of eyes, heart diseases, internal organs as well as other types of research in New Hospital.

"Within the framework of the Social Responsibility Program, projects successfully implemented in Tbilisi have encouraged us to expand and scale up specially designed unprecedented programs. From today, people living om the regions, among them in the most remote areas of the country will be able to receive medical services. In cooperation with the New Hospital, we were able to take care of both pensioners and other social card holders. They need constant care, "said Levan Tkhelidze, deputy director general of" Liberty ".

"New Hospitals are ready to upgrade to a larger social responsibility project. The National Center for Ophthalmology, which has 127 years of experience, will conduct the screening of ophthalmologic diseases in all the most remote regions of Georgia, for whom those medical services are not available so far, "said Giorgi Ramishvili, Director of" New Hospitals ".