Posted: 3 months ago

Royal Danish Academy Opens a Branch in Oni Municipality

Royal Danish Academy plans to open a branch in Oni Municipality.

This decision was preceded by negotiations between Oni Municipality and Royal Danish Academy, as well as donor organizations. Honorary Consulate of Georgia in the Kingdom of Denmark, and Marianne Bols contributed to the successful completion of negotiations.
At the initial stage, the Danish Government allocated 1 million SEK for opening the branch of the Royal Danish Academy in Oni.
The project is financed by the New Democracy Fund and the New Cooperation Fund. The delegation of the Royal Academy will pay a visit to the city of Oni by the end of October. 
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has provided education in the arts for more than 250 years, the academy in Copenhagen was inaugurated on 31 March 1754.

The Academy’s School of Architecture offers education in the fields of architectural design and restoration, urban and landscape planning and industrial, graphic and furniture design. The school has nine study departments, four research institutes and six affiliated research centres.