Posted: 11 months ago

Postred Starts Cooperating with Paramount Pictures and A24

The founder of Georgian company Postred, Beso Kacharava noted that the agreement formed with Paramount Pictures and A24 is the largest deal in the region.

"The amount of the deal is confidential, however, with this agreement Postred has become at least one of the most advanced post-production studios in Europe. Currently, the company employs a total of 30 people, and in the next few years it will employ an additional 30-50 people, and for a similar studio this number is quite large.", noted Beso Kacharava.

The Georgian company Postred now has to compete with American companies. According to Beso Kacharava, several interesting companies appeared in the film service market lately.

"Georgia has a possibility to become one of the leading countries in film production services. Our company is already competitive and in the future, there will be many more that will have sales in terms of services.

Supported by USAID, we were able to pick up the pace and mobilize funds, and we thank them very much for their help. 

Due to the fact that the Georgian economy is much smaller than the American one, it is a bit difficult for the former to mobilize enough funds to have the necessary outfit and the equipment with which one will enter the international market, but it is not impossible."

USAID Georgia supports Postred to get the certificate of the Hollywood industry-standard - Trusted Partner Network, after which this Georgian company will be able to work with large studios and create additional jobs for professionals in Georgia.

Postred was founded in 2015 and currently provides audio recordings for two upcoming Hollywood movies, Scream 5 and C’mon, C’mon, which stars Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix.