Posted: 5 years ago

Pirosmani’s Digital Wardrobe

Pirosmani’s works and graphic design were jointly introduced as part of the project – Pirosmani in Digital Space. The project calls for popularizing the artist among young people. Graphic designer Tatia Koberidze has developed digital version of the wardrobe of garments, due to the works of Pirosmani.

Tatia Koberidze: 

‘As part of the joint project by Georgian National Museum and GeoLab, I was enabled to think of adapting Pirosmani’s art with the digital space. Prior to undertaking this specific task, the project author Maiko Jambazishvili invited me to the Museum to get comprehensive information about Pirosmani’s life and art and the Art Museum director Mrs. Eka Kiknadze held an information meeting.

At this meeting I was inspired to develop an illustrated wardrobe of garments from Pirosmani’s works. Therefore, I have digitalized the Tbilisi fashion of Pirosmani’s times and replaced the artist’s vector to graphic design. 

Piromsani’s wardrobe comprises 24 illustrations. Each detail has been created due to the cloth of real figures. Foreign bloggers have showed much interest. I have given them an interview about our country and the ideology of my project. Finally, I added – Designer from the Country of Nikala. Unique character of Pirosmani, as a painter consists in the following – his art may inspire new ideas and great discovery of our days. This project will make my little contribution to popularizing cultural heritage of Georgia and Niko Pirosmani’s art”.