Posted: 4 years ago

Paata Imnadze: Coronavirus Gene of Six Georgian Patients Deciphered

I would like to notify you that six strains, that is, coronavirus genes of six Georgian patients have been deciphered, Deputy Director of the National Center for Disease Control noted for PrimeShow TV program.

As a result, we can identify the origin and spread of the strains discovered in patients, Imnadze pointed out.

"We have deciphered 6 strains, that is, six coronavirus genes of Georgian patients. They have been uploaded to the global database of genomes. For example, the gene of the Iranian patients matched the Iranian Group, Italian citizen’s genes matched the Italian Group. These viruses differ from each other. Amid the virus spreads, it is mutated and these strains of coronavirus differ from each other. As a result, we can trace from where patients have arrived and which countries this or that strain match. By the way, we had one case, when our patient said he had met with foreign citizens from several countries; We identified that he had infected by a foreign citizen, because his virus matched the strain of a specific country stem. And this was achieved by Lugar Laboratory, like the world’s leading laboratories’, Paata Imnadze said.

At this stage, Georgia has registered 130 infected persons, of which 26 were recovered.