Posted: 3 years ago

One More Project From Socar – Europian International Tournament in MiniFootball For People With Disabilities

Georgia’s Special Olimpic Games within the framework of Socar Georgia Petroleum held Europian International Tournament in MiniFootball. The participants were employees of Socar Georgia Petroleum and Athletes of Georgia’s Special Olimpic Games. Special Athletes were under 30 and each team consisted of 8 players. After 1 hour long match, the awarding ceremony took place.

Tournament has social relevance and its goal is to integrate people with disabilities in the society with the help of sport.

Nearly a year ago, Socar Georgia Petroleum has presented its new CSR platform – 5 standards of responsibility. In the field of this platform, many projects were implemented.

Socar’s Corporate Social Responsibility serves in defending the rights of persons with disabilities. Their employment and social integration of disabled people is the prime priority of the company. According to Socar, Georgian disabled persons have much less opportunity to harmonize themselves in society. To solve this problem, Socar is planning to implement new projects in this matter.