Posted: 7 months ago

Nino Kharatishvili's 'The Eighth Life' Set to Transform into a TV Series

The acclaimed novel "The Eighth Life (Brilka)" penned by Georgian author Nino Kharatishvili, is destined for a new journey - a transition from the page to the small screen.

The upcoming TV adaptation will be shot in Germany and helmed by the award-winning producers of the four-time Oscar-winning film "All Quiet on the Western Front", with Emmy-winning studio The Ink Factory contributing to the screenplay. Sara Lambert, a prominent figure in film and television, will oversee the project.

Since its publication in 2014, "The Eighth Life (Brilka)" has soared in popularity, becoming a bestseller in multiple countries, including Kharatishvili's native Georgia. Her riveting storytelling and nuanced narratives have earned her the title of "Tolstoy's Successor". Her literary prowess has been well-recognized, with over a million copies of her works sold globally. "The Eighth Life" has also been shortlisted for the esteemed Booker International Prize and the Dublin Literary Prize. Kharatishvili's contribution to literature has been honored in Germany with the Karl Zukmayer Medal and the Gisela Elsner Prize.

Kharatishvili's latest novel, "Insufficient Light", was translated into Georgian at the close of the previous year. During last year's Berlinale, the novel was listed among the top ten recommended for film adaptations. Translation rights for "Insufficient Light" were secured by over ten countries prior to its original language publication, including the renowned publishing house, HarperCollins. Notably, the Georgian edition of the book was entirely sold out merely three days post-publication, highlighting the author's immense popularity.