Photo: Tiku Kobiashvili

Posted: 1 year ago

New Mural Appeared in Tbilisi Dedicated to The Knight in the Panther's Skin

A new mural has appeared in Tbilisi, on Chonkadze St. 24. The artwork is dedicated to the famous medieval poet Shota Rustaveli.
''This Year, we accomplished a great desire of dedicating a mural to the famous medieval poet Shota Rustaveli. The focus is set on king Rostevan and his female heir Tinatin, echoing the gender equality theme,'' reads the post shared by Tbilisi Mural Fest. 
Two Georgian artists have worked on this mural. The sketch was created by Dato Machavariani, who has been working on the poem "The Knight in the Panter’s skin" for years, and later transferred to the wall by Irakli Kadeishvili.