Posted: 3 weeks ago

New Movie Theater CINEWAY Invites Movie Lovers to Tsodoreti

The new movie theater ''Cineway'' invites all movie lovers in Tsodoreti. 
The cinema project is created by a group of friends: Ellen Malashevski-Jakeli, Nina Mamatsashvili, and Levan Tsivadze. 
''In the winter, my friends and I created a small cinema project out of pure enthusiasm. It is in Tsodoreti, which is near Lisi Lake! Before we had private screenings and very interesting discussions almost every week, now everybody can join us!'' reads their Facebook post. 
This project is not commercial, they have a tip box and account number which helps them cover the equipment rental expenses.
The upcoming screening is scheduled for June 9, starting at 9 pm. The guests will watch Eldar Shengelaia's famous Georgian Comedy.