Posted: 1 month ago

Negotiations with HBO and UNIVERSAL are Ongoing within Film in Georgia

Within the framework of the state program "Film in Georgia", a working visit was made to Hollywood in June, where six production companies held meetings with the leading companies of the world film industry.

Tatia Bidzinashvili, the head of the "Produce in Georgia" program, says in the "Business Partner" program that everything started with a meeting with the Motions pictures association, where the entire company presented itself to the leading organizations of Hollywood, such as HBO, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, 20th Century Studio and others. After that, there were B2B meetings.

"It wasn't just a presentation, they had so many detailed questions that we realized during the process that these meetings would definitely bring results, and therefore, we received scripts from the 2 largest studios, such as HBO and Universal, which means that we are in a very active working mode. We are preparing their locations And in September, we will once again host the world's leading film studios in Georgia.

As for the workforce, I can say that we have quite qualified, trained and experienced people in the industry, but not enough. In addition, we have a technical base, and in case we lack something, the neighboring countries help us. What Georgia needs the most is large pavilions for indoor filming. We are having negotiations with investors in this regard, and we hope it will end in a positive way," says Tatia Bidzinashvili.

According to Tatia Bidzinashvili, it is difficult to talk about the deadlines of the project, although it will be known by the end of the year whether any important project will be filmed in Georgia.