Posted: 3 months ago

Nana Stambolishvili Becomes Lead Actress in Turkish TV series

Georgian actress, Nana Stambolishvili, will play the main role in the Turkish TV series ''Emanet''. She writes about it on Facebook and thanks her fans for their support.

"I can already officially confirm this information. I want to express my deepest gratitude to each of you who are my fans. First of all, my Georgians give me encouragement and strength. I will try to handle myself with dignity and present myself, my country, and Georgians in the way we deserve," the actress wrote on her Facebook page. 

Emanet Series 3 starts the new season with a lead change. Georgian actress Nana Stambolishvili’s real name is a Georgian model and designer. The beautiful actress, who is also a dancer and actress, participated in the 3rd season of the Emanet series in the leading role. Nana Stambolishvili has her own clothing brand called Kartveli Nana. Nana Stambolishvili, who lives in Batumi, was originally born in Batumi. It was also wondered whether Nana Stambolishvili, who knows Turkish partially, would use voice doubles in the series.