Posted: 4 months ago

Nana Gabelia Opened a Unified Georgian-Abkhazian Ethnographic Space

The Minister of Justice and Civil Integration of Abkhazia opened an ethnographic space on the territory of Ilori St. George's Cathedral.

Georgian-Abkhazian traditional clothes and folk instruments were presented in the "House of Abkhazian History". Young people displaced from Abkhazia and living in the occupied territories of Abkhazia will learn to play Georgian folk instruments here. There is also a permanent exhibition based on unique manuscripts, historical documents and photographs.

"The purpose of arranging this ethnographic space is to get acquainted with the centuries-old history of coexistence of Georgians and Abkhazians, common traditions, religious customs, historical and cultural heritage, to study and popularize them," Nana Gabelia said.

The opening event was attended by the First Deputy Minister Giorgi Gabedava and representatives of the Minister's Office.