Posted: 1 year ago

Museum of Repressed Writers Opening March 2nd

On March 2, the House of Writers will open the Museum of Repressed Writers featuring a permanent exhibition along with a temporary exposition dedicated to Paolo Iashvili's 130th anniversary. The museum highlights the tragic conflict between totalitarian states and writers and the methods used to "tame writing."

To commemorate the opening of the museum, a documentary film titled "Repressed Writers" by Shalva Shengel and Mikheil Basiladze will be shown. The film delves into the lives of four repressed writers: Nikolo Mitsishvili, Paolo Iashvili, Mikheil Javakhishvili, and Titsian Tabidze.

The Museum of Repressed Writers will continue to focus on various authors and events over time, allowing for in-depth reflection on the Soviet past and sparking national-scale discussions.

Exhibition curators Magda Tsotskhalashvili, Mariam Natroshvili, Detu Jincharadze, and Nino Andriashvili collaborated to create the museum. Financial support for the museum comes from "Tbilisi - World Book Capital," the American Embassy in Georgia, and the CARDIF Foundation of the US State Department.

The exhibition features materials from the Giorgi Leonidze Literature Museum, the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia, the National Archives of Georgia, the Archives of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the First Channel of Georgia, and the public archives of the Research Laboratory of the Soviet Past.