Posted: 2 months ago

Museum of Edward Munch's Opened in Oslo with Koka Nikoladze's Composition

October 22 is a day of great significance in the history of art - a new museum of Norwegian painter and graphic artist Edward Munch opened in Oslo. 

That's not all - the first work performed on the main stage at the official opening belongs to Georgian artist Koka Nikoladze. The new work created a kind of wavy effect, its sound was heard throughout the city and the fjord. In addition, the composer performed works on his own instruments and on various synthesizers.

The royal couple untied the symbolic ribbon made by Koka, after which attendees were able to listen to the composition and view Munch.

The museum opened at 17:00 Norwegian time and the relevant ceremony continued until 23:00. The evening was full of amazing performances and surprise.