Posted: 4 years ago

Minister of Internal Affairs: We Have Achieved Agreement that will Bring Benefits to Pankisi Gorge

Today’s developments have brought heavy outcomes for both the Pankisi Gorge residents and Georgian police, Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia noted.

The agreement that we have achieved with the Pankisi Gorge residents is the result of complicated negotiations, but we have achieved this agreement anyway, Giorgi Gakharia added.

„Regretfully, this heavy incident has happened, but thanks to wisdom of the elders and the government’s obligation of restraint, we have achieved agreement that will bring benefits to this specific Gorge, residents of specific villages and strengthen our friendship and our brotherhood for building our homeland.

As to our agreement, this agreement is simple and difficult, at the same time, but its also pragmatic and implementable”, Giorgi Gakharia said.

This specific HPP will be built in the Gorge, when 90% of the Pankisi residents will back this projects, the Interior Minister noted. Special police forces have left the Pankisi Gorge.