Posted: 8 months ago

Mgzavrebi "Waltz" Competes with Global Icons at the Global Creative Industries Awards EMEA 2023

Mgzavrebi music video "Waltz" has earned a nomination at the esteemed Global Creative Industries Awards EMEA 2023. This evocative piece stands alongside works from global luminaries like Travis Scott, Daft Punk, and The Rolling Stones. Helmed by the internationally acclaimed Georgian director, Lado Kvatania, "Waltz" transcends the boundaries of a typical music video, evolving into a cinematic short film.

Debuting in February 2022, the creation of this masterpiece spanned an entire year. The atmospheric landscapes of Georgia's mountain villages and the urban essence of Tbilisi formed the backdrop for this narrative. With performances by Achi Makalatia, Veronika Kalandarishvili, and Dato Dvalishvili taking center stage, it's noteworthy to mention the evocative black-and-white sequences. Contrary to assumption, these are not archival footage but are contemporary shots taken by Kvatania himself in the picturesque high-altitude villages of Racha and Bakhmaro.

Kvatania's illustrious career boasts collaborations with industry giants like Cardi B. Notably, he was the creative force behind the music video for the hit track "Hot Shit," featuring Cardi B, Kanye West, and Lil Durk.

In a comprehensive 2023 interview with "Billboard Georgia," Kvatania delved deep into his artistic journey. The "Waltz" music video, he revealed, resonated deeply with his personal emotions and nostalgia.

Kvatania reflected:

"Relocating at a young age caused me to lose touch with my native Georgian. Yet, upon hearing 'Waltz', even without comprehending its lyrics, I was inspired to pen its screenplay. Miraculously, my vision aligned perfectly with the song's essence. Pre-production commenced early in 2022. During a location recce, our team found ourselves trapped in a snowstorm, narrowly escaping being marooned for weeks due to an avalanche threat. We were fortunate to emerge unscathed from this ordeal. After an intense and dedicated effort, we wrapped up the shoot in October 2022."