Posted: 11 months ago

Merab Dvalishvili Defeated Petr Yan and is One Step Away from the Title

On March 12, the UFC 221 event in Las Vegas witnessed a highly-anticipated matchup between Georgian fighter Merab Dvalishvili and his main rival, former champion of the division, Russian Petr Yan. The two fighters engaged in a grueling and intense five-round battle, with Dvalishvili demonstrating clear dominance throughout the entire fight.

With the unanimous decision of the judges, Dvalishvili won a historic victory over one of the best fighters in the UFC. In his victory speech, Merab expressed how personal and principled this fight was for him and gave a shoutout to his home country, Georgia, as well as Ukraine and freedom, making the victory all the more meaningful.

This victory over Yan brings Merab one step closer to earning a title fight, and his performance in this match is expected to garner significant attention in the UFC community. Fans and analysts alike are excited to see what lies ahead for Dvalishvili, and many believe that he has what it takes to become a champion in the UFC.