Posted: 6 months ago

Inspirational Ukrainian Woman's Story Immortalized on Tbilisi Wall

Artist Nina Khurtsylava, with support from the Bank of Georgia, pays tribute to the strength and resilience of Olechka, a Ukrainian survivor.

In a heartwarming tribute to the indomitable spirit of a Ukrainian woman named Olechka, artist Nina Khurtsylava has created a large-scale mural on a wall in Tbilisi. The project, backed by the Bank of Georgia, showcases the powerful story of a woman who faced immense hardships throughout her life.

Olechka's journey was marked by adversity, as she survived the Holodomor, fought in World War II, and endured famine while subsisting on scraps. Despite these challenges, she demonstrated an unwavering love for life and an unbreakable spirit.

Nina Khurtsylava, the artist behind the mural, emphasizes the message of the artwork, stating, "The main idea of the work is how strong and fighting a person can be when he loves life." The mural stands as a testament to Olechka's resilience and serves as an inspiration to those who encounter it.