Posted: 1 year ago

Initiators Plan to Establish National Military Museum in Georgia

It is planned to create a military museum in Georgia. The amendment is included in the Law "About Museums".

The draft law envisages the creation of a military museum in an open space and/or in a closed building, where important materials, samples of military equipment and material and technical means reflect the historical and technical development of the Georgian Defense Forces and the country's military past will be preserved.

As the initiators explain, the draft law will enter into force in 2025, because the allocation of the necessary financial funds cannot be made in the medium-term budget period of 2022-2024.

According to the bill, the estimated cost of the military museum is 23,753,112 GEL. The cost for the construction of the closed space of the museum is calculated in GEL according to the exchange rate of the currency established by the National Bank as of July 30, 2021.

About 2,000-2,500 square meters will be required to build a museum of this type. 

According to the Law of Georgia "About Museums", the museum can be: historical, natural science, memorial, art and literary.

"Establishing a national military museum is very important, not only for the public interested in military history, military equipment, and weapons but museums of this type have an important role in the patriotic upbringing of future generations and raising awareness. In addition, in the future, a military-type museum will become an important source of information for academic circles,'' reads the explanation card.