Posted: 4 years ago

GPI Holding To Start New Ecoist Campaign

GPI Holding has implemented a new campaign, which is based on a healthy way of living by the renewed application MyGPI. 

The new program includes particular circumstances for both insured and uninsured persons.

"Our new loyalty program consists of two categories. First is the encouragement of our loyal clients, which includes providing them with long-term special circumstances. It has been already one year when our devoted clients earn nearly 10% of their incurred expenses in insurance, which in total makes a significant amount of money. The second category is based on our new application, which gives users an opportunity to earn money with a healthy life way of living. The sum of money accumulates with eco coins, which users can spend in their insurance. Eco coins already have gained success in our insured consumers and we are certain, that the encouragement with the matters of these eco-behaviors will strengthen the motivation." Strategic Development Director of GPI Holding Insurance Company, Sandro Kiknadze stated.

Eco-Behavior includes 5 eco-activities:

1. training

2. 10 000 steps within a day

3. 2 liters of water within a day

4. Buying a bicycle

5. Vehicle emissions - Euro Standard

Not only GPI insurers but also anyone can be a part of this program. Earning eco-coins are attested due to eco-behaviors of users within the application. MyGPI is available for both IOS and Android users. The registration is enough for beginners to start earning eco-coins with eco-activities. GPI Holding establishes a new ecoist campaign, which aims to gather more people around this idea.

"The new ecoist campaign will unite people, who consider the fact, that environmental protection and healthy way of living have a great significance. We are glad, that within the boundaries of our new campaign we managed to unite following ecoist companies: Georgian water "Sno", Fitness center "Aspria", sports stores "X Treme" and the center of car inspection "QuickTest". We want to express our appreciation to them since they support and popularize the idea of a healthy way of living.", head of marketing communication department of GPI Holding insurance company, Tinatin Stambolishvili noted. 

Our eco-soldiers are helping us to give a mass-market appeal to the idea of ecoist. Each eco-behaviour has its eco-soldier - these are the people, who fight to raise public awareness of environmental protection.

We gladly introduce you to our eco-soldiers:

Dato Kajaia: The best Georgian racing driver, best known for winning the Legends Euro Nations Cup in 2012 and 2013. He wants to popularize road safety and establish a healthy way of living. 

Giga Maqarashvili: the activist, who already managed to organize 3 movements by foot. He finished the last "Freedom March" in Mestia, on May 26. In the course of this time, he walked more than 2 Million steps.

Salome Kasradze: Blogger, follower of a healthy way of living and activist. Salome is the first Georgian youtuber, who promotes self-care and healthy way of living.

Gameza: Artist-monumentalist, Street-artist, amateur cyclist and the creator of Antishphot.

Meli Bagdavadze:  Executive Producer of "Leavingstone", organizer of Cannes Young Lions creative contests in Georgia, she has various industry awards globally and locally and is a follower of a healthy way of living. 

The campaign of ecoists will be the space, which will be focused on the matters of environmental protection and a healthy way of living. The group will unite ecoists and will establish different beneficial initiatives. The member of the group can be anyone.

GPI Holding holds a leading position in the market, according to the data of 2018, GPI Holding has 9,6% market share with the highest level of premium written and is a leader both in retail and corporational market.

GPI Holding includes 700 employees, who serve 150 000 insured on the scale of the whole country. Vienna Insurance Group is one of the major investors in Georgia and is the leading insurance company in central and west Europe. The group works at 50 companies in 25 countries. According to the data of 2018, the bonus income drawn by the personnel team is 9.7 Milliard Euros, and the profit made up at 485 Million Euros.