Posted: 1 year ago

Gladstone Gallery in New York Presents Georgian Artist Andro Vekua

From September 14 to October 22, the modern art gallery "Gladstone Gallery" in New York presents the exhibition of the Georgian artist Andro Vekua - "SEA CUT".

"The works presented in the exhibition are related to the search and display of familiar and at the same time unfamiliar, specific ways of depicting memory. Created with silk, oil, charcoal and pencils, the collages are characterized by the presence of complex narratives on the surface of different layers, combining history, geography, scraps of memory and imagination,’’ reads the gallery’s page. 

In addition to New York, Gladstone Gallery is also represented in Brussels, Los Angeles, Rome and Seoul. It has exhibited the works of about 70 artists and played an important role in the career development of several of them. 

Andro Vekua (born 1977) is an artist based in Zurich. His work encompasses painting, collage, drawing, installation, sculpture, and film.

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