Posted: 5 months ago

Georgian Studios Address and Altertopos Receive an Honorary Award at TerraViva International Competition

Georgian studios, ADDRESS and ALTERTOPOS, received an honorary award at the international architectural competition, TerraViva. 

Mainly directed to students, young creatives and professionals, TerraViva Competitions works as a cultural hub focused on innovative ideas linked to design, architecture and urbanism.

Firmly believing that creativity is the most powerful tool to trigger new design practices and to feed the debate on present and future issues, this series of competitions aims to promote original projects with a conscious vision about environmental and social sustainability.
"We decided to participate in the TeraViva International Competition in November 2021. Our aim was to create a multidisciplinary group that would work with both urban and architectural profiles.", noted one of the participants, Giorgi Maisuradze.
"The competition was aimed at refurbishing an abandoned 20th-century modernist building and transforming it into a community center. The project proposal envisages spatial-planning solutions designed with functional in-depth analysis. A historic building with a rebranded image honors its past and highlights unique, modern, and innovative approaches to architecture. Reassessing architectural features is a context-sensitive but bold step to preserve its existing values, although it also acts as a source of regeneration. The proposed solution and the combination of architectural programs activate three urban scenarios: the corner square, the indoor theater space of the building, and the outdoor amphitheater."
Lots of architects take part in the Teraviva competition every year, this year among 170 projects, the Plays of Tichino project won an honorary award.
"We as a project team think that participating in this competition and working on this type of issue turned out to be a great experience. Winning a prize in a competition of a similar profile is a great incentive and motivation, as each success pushes you to even greater challenges. Given the fact that the problem of abandoned 20th-century modernist monuments in Georgia is very acute, the representatives of ADDRESS and ALTERTOPOS believe that it will be important to focus on this issue in the Georgian architectural and urban sectors in the future."