Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Pianist Nomated for Grammy® Annual Award

Liana Pailodze Harron's album - Vesna Duo Presents: The Rite of Spring, has been nominated for the prestigious Grammy® annual award, and her performance received a positive assessment from the well-known American music critic Tim Feige in an article in The Wall Street Journal.

This is a great achievement both for the artist and for the Georgian music field in general. In addition, Igor Stravinsky's "Blessed Spring" performed by Liana became the object of attention of the famous American critic Tim Feige, to which he even devoted an article in the popular American publication The Wall Street Journal.

Liana Pailodze Harron went to the USA to study in the early 2000s, and her subsequent successful musical career is connected to the country ''where dreams come true''.

''I have so many ongoing projects. Basically, recording Georgian repertoire for a solo album and also arranging a Georgian piece for my duet. It would be a shame if I had a duet with a Georgian person with a percussionist and we didn't play "Khorumi". The rest of the time will be spent on tours and with my students,'' said Liana at Entrepreneur.