Posted: 3 months ago

Georgian and Foreign NFT Creators Unite to Help Ukraine

A new platform to help Ukraine - - has been set up to bring together local and international NFT artists.

The idea, which was developed by Pavle Mgeladze, Ladi Gabunia, Konstantine Tsaava, and Giorgi Tushurashvili, was joined by more than 200 creators. For this stage, more than 300 works have been collected and their sale (Minting) will start on March 2nd. The collected money will be transferred to the official crypto wallet of Ukraine through Smartcontract. The project aims to raise $ 1 million for the Ukrainian people and government.

"The importance of NFT is growing day by day, therefore, this direction has the potential to unite a large part of society. The created platform allows us, in partnership with local and international NFT creators, to mobilize resources, which is a very important process to help Ukraine. It is gratifying that our students are also actively participating in this campaign and are contributing to a large-scale campaign, ”said the University of Business and Technology.

"The main goal of the idea is to show the world that the Georgian people stand by Ukraine. This is a kind of inspiration for our society as well: if we, with our own resources, can launch a campaign to help Ukraine, ie. other Georgians can too. As for the platform, it is built on a reliable mechanism, which means that the incoming money will be transferred directly, automatically to the account of Etherium of Ukraine. The price of each NFT will be 0.05 Ethereum. Finally, we want to save $ 1 million. Glory to Ukraine, glory to Web 3.0, ”said Giorgi Tushurashvili, the author of one of the project ideas.