Posted: 1 year ago

French Psychotherapy Center to Open in Tbilisi

On November 1, the Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Care will be opened in Tbilisi.

According to its co-founder, psychiatrist, and psychologist, Doctor of Medicine, Nino Menagarishvili, she will introduce the experience gained during 21 years of work in this field in France. The name of the center is also connected with the name of the French psychiatrist Philippe Pommel.

The center will work in two directions: consultation and training, in which french specialists will be actively involved. The center offers visitors individual and group therapies.

Nino Menagarishvili notes that the main goal of the center is proper diagnosis and rehabilitation so that people do not lose their place in life despite certain problems.

The center will work with both the call center and the Facebook page, as well as mobile groups, so that in case a person does not apply for therapy, or specialists identify suicide risks, they can find the person directly or through a trusted person.