Posted: 1 year ago

Davit Doiashvili: Tickets of 'I will Swim Across the Sea's's 15 Premiere Days Sold Out

Davit Doiashvili, the artistic director and director of the Vaso Abashidze New Theater in Tbilisi, told "Business Partner" that the play "I will Swim Across the Sea" will be financially profitable in 1 year.

According to his information, the total cost of the project is 400,000 GEL, where 200,000 GEL is the participation of the "Shark Tank Georgia" project of the first channel. According to Doiashvili, about 50 actors participate in the play, and there are 80 employees in total.

"I think the project has paid off financially because the first 15 premiere days are completely sold out. If in the case of other performances the ticket price is 10-35 GEL, in the case of "I will Swim Across the Sea" the ticket price ranges from 10 GEL to 50 GEL. The play premieres on October 20, and tours will be planned after that," Doiashvili said.

According to the director, it is possible that the Georgian actors will perform "the play on the stage of New York.