Posted: 5 years ago

#BorjomiSupporterOfNature Plants 2500 Caucasian Pine Saplings on Borjomi Plateau

The forest restoration process continues in Borjomi with the planting of 2500 saplings on the Borjomi Plateau within the initiative of company IDS Borjomi, Georgia.

The action was implemented as part of the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project, which aims to restore and renew the forest cover on the Borjomi Plateau, which was damaged in fires. The company has already been involved in the project for eight years and has already planted 11,200 saplings on three hectares of land. IDS Borjomi Georgia aims to restore the forest cover in Borjomi and actively involve local community members in the forest recovery process.

"Restoring forest cover and preservation are duties that each of us must take on,” said IDS Borjomi, Georgian Public Relations Department Manager, Nitsa Cholokashvili. “Our project, which has been in existence for many years already, serves this purpose: to grow saplings and to care for them for the first five years after planting. It is important to talk about this topic more so as to involve more people in these activities and turn people into nature fans. This year, we thanked and awarded the Borjomi hero 2019 status to honor those who understand the importance of nature.” The award ceremony of Heroes of Borjomi 2019 was held after the planting, seeing special prizes awarded to people of various professions in environmental issues, namely: Koba Silagadze, a main forester of the Samtskhe-Javakheti Forestry Service, Giorgi Aladashvili, a viticulturalist working in biodynamics; founder of EcoMedia, Shorena Tskhovrebashvili; teacher Marine Peradze; director of the New Technology Center, Zaal Kheladze; Tamaruna Grdzelidze, graphic designer of EcoVision; one of the first journalists in environmental issues, Barbare Benashvili; and Kukuri Saralidze, an honored defender of nature. "Getting the title of Hero of Borjomi is a great honor for me,” said Koba Silagadze. “I think every person should take care of the environment and all the people who plant at least one tree are heroes." "According to the National Forestry Agency, 80% of damaged forest cover has already been restored, with the company Borjomi a major contributor,” noted Barbara Benashvili. “There is huge public involvement, which is truly gladdening to see. Our media’s duty is to raise awareness about the current situation and to encourage the public to get involved.” Representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, National Forestry Agency and Protected Areas Service Departments, as well as public figures, media and IDS Borjomi employees, participated in the event.

IDS Borjomi Georgia has been implementing the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project since 2011, and the joint project with the Ministry of Environment Protection and agriculture counts three years. During this time, three hectares of forest were restored and 11,200 saplings were planted. The project also implies a five-year plan for the maintenance of the saplings. The purpose of the campaign is to restore the Borjomi forest and to actively engage the community in the process.