Posted: 9 months ago

Borders of Tbilisi Might Expand- The Project Behind The Reason

The borders of Tbilisi might expand. The government has already submitted relevant proposals to the Parliament. Approximately 2,700,000 sq. Km. Meters of territory will cross the borders of Tbilisi and will be expanded to Gardabani Municipality. The mentioned area is located in Krtsanisi and it is bordered by Teleti Sakrebulo.

The reason for issuing the space is a specific investment project, which is being implemented in the village of Teleti in Gardabani Municipality. Primera Golf and Residences Ltd is building a residential complex and a recreation area in this area. Within the framework of the project, an 18-foot golf course in Teleti is already operational.

The company acquired the area in Teleti for the project in 2013, but it was later revealed that the land was within the administrative boundaries of Tbilisi. Accordingly, the company is now requesting that the borders be adjusted so that the project area is fully within the boundaries of the village of Teleti in Gardabani Municipality.

According to the decision of the Parliamentary Bureau, the government's proposal to change the borders of Tbilisi and Gardabani was submitted to the Committee on Regional Policy and Self-Government for consideration.

As for Primera Golf and Residences Ltd., according to the registry, 90% of the company is owned by Estonian OU Skinest Air Ltd. and 10% by Pedro Luis Pastor Ltd.