Posted: 5 years ago

Beka Adamashvili Won European Literary Prize

The creative director of the Agency Leavingstone and writer Beka Adamashvili became the owner of the European Literary Prize in 2019. He is the first Georgian author to win this award.

"Getting the EU Literary Prize is important for several reasons, besides the personal one: it means to popularize the book throughout Europe, participate in various literary festivals, translation or partial translations in English or in French and in general, hopefully attracting European publishers. It is particularly pleasant to be the first winner from Georgia, because our country has been involved in the competition for the first time this year, "said Beka Adamashvili at Marketer.

Competition for the European Literary Prize in 2019 was announced in February for the Creative Europe Program, and the organizers were the European and International Federation of Book Distributors, the European Writers 'Council and the European Commission for European Publishers' Federation. 

The book that brought the success to the author is calle: ''Everyone dies in this novel''. The presentation was held in Batumi, in 2019, at Santa Esperanza. 

The writers who have already published one or more books have been invited to participate in the contest, those, who still are emerging authors. 

The winners of the competition are recognized in all fourteen countries and will receive 5,000 euros each. Their texts will be published in English and French languages.