Posted: 3 months ago

Balenciaga Dedicated the Latest Show to Ukraine

During the Paris Fashion Week, the Balenciaga 360 ° show responded to current events.

The support for Ukraine was evident during the display of the Fall / Winter 2022 collection. The show begins with a Ukrainian poem read by Demna. The concept of demonstration underscored the difficulties that Ukraine now faces. The windy and snowy scene, against the backdrop of the music of the BFRND and David Kadouch, accurately expressed the message. See what Balenciaga's show was like.

Demna: "The ongoing war in Ukraine has aroused the pain of my past trauma, which I have been suffering since 1993 when the same thing happened in my country. It's something that always stays with you.

It was incredibly difficult for me to work on the show this week. At such times, fashion loses its right to exist as well. Fashion Week looks absurd. I was thinking of canceling the show on which my team and I worked very hard and all were very much looking forward to it. But then, I thought it would once again be a surrender to the devil who has already hurt me enough, for almost 30 years.

The show needs no further explanation. It is dedicated to security, endurance, victory of peace and love! ”