Posted: 2 years ago

Artist Made a Panel of Georgian Ornaments Using 1001 Ceramic Tiles

Fabulous and colorful sight in Gori - using Georgian ornaments, an artist created a panel from 1,001 ceramic tiles. The panel, in addition to giving aesthetic pleasure to the viewer, tells the story of our country with each tile. The creator of the panel is artist Irina Shotadze.

According to Irina Shotadze with Business Partner, in parallel with working on the project, she participated in a competition announced by USAID Zrda, after which she won a grant and purchased a ceramic stove.

"I have always liked large-scale ceramic panels, compositions and I was surprised why it was rare in our country, which would be meaningful, cultural, historical, modern, colorful.

The idea of ​​creating such a large-scale panel was born before the pandemic, when I was choosing sketches for my ceramic works. Naturally, I was entertaining Georgian themes and, of course, our unique ornaments. Suddenly my mind lit up, I imagined what a fabulous beauty their combination would have on the wall.

Then two major questions arose: how many tiles and what will I call it? It is also interesting from a tourist point of view, because Gori is a city full of tourists and I think they will like it very much.

In parallel with working on the project, I participated in a competition announced by USAID Zrda, after which I won a grant and purchased a ceramic stove. This furnace has excited me and most importantly has greatly accelerated the pace of work on the project. It should also be noted that this device is still a great support for me, "- said Irina Shotadze.

She also founded the company Keramos Georgia, which manufactures pottery and ceramics.

''Keramos Georgia has been around for over two years, though I started my independent creative career much earlier. Keramos got the look of a perfect studio-workshop after I participated in the grant competitions announced by several local and international organizations, and which were successfully completed for me, ”said Irina Shotadze.

Irina Shotadze also has beginner courses that teach working on clay.

"Clay is not only a useful material for creative activities, but also a very good therapeutic tool. Consequently, these unique capabilities of clay are certainly taken into account in our beginner courses. Anyone who wants to show their creative potential can come to us, go through all the stages of creating a pottery and in the process completely forget about daily problems and relax spiritually," - said Irina Shotadze.