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Posted: 4 months ago

Artist for Ukraine - Georgian Artists to Transfer Money from Sale of NFT Collection to Ukrainian Fund

Georgian artists are joining many initiatives in support of Ukraine.

A special group Artists for Ukraine was created on Facebook, where the initiative is to create an NFT collection, and the money received from it will be fully transferred to the Ukrainian fund.

"We are very proud when we see so many people on Rustaveli avenue and we are glad that we all stand on the right side of history!

Ukraine needs our help today! We believe that we can all do something that will bring real results. One of the most important ways to express protest is through art.

Digital art is the biggest movement today and probably everyone has heard about NFTs at least once. We have a lot of artists in Georgia who are passionate about the news in Ukraine. We want to unite all these artists under one umbrella "Artist for Ukraine". Create an NFT collection that expresses the heartache of Georgian artists in connection with the current war.

This collection will then be sold to NFTs and the entire proceeds will be transferred to the Ukrainian Fund. The Ukrainian government itself has published the address of the crypto accounts where we will transfer the money directly.

We would like to address all the artists we can reach - photographer, digital artist, or other: Send us your works related to Ukraine, peace, freedom of anything you think should be part of the collection.

We will solve the technical part, create a website, write a smart contract, and so on.

The art submission deadline is 28 February at 11:00 AM.
Project launch time 28 February 15:00 PM.

Fill out this form and we will contact you with additional details if needed.

Also join us on Facebook Group.

Praise the heroes!
Artists for Ukraine! "- writes Ladi Gabunia, the founder of Swing Festival on the social network.