Posted: 1 year ago

Archaeologists Revealed a Human Tooth Dating back 1.8 Million Years in Dmanisi

Archaeologists found stone tools made by the oldest inhabitants of Eurasia, dating back 1.8 million years, in Dmanisi.

According to the information of the City Hall of Dmanisi Municipality, the archaeological works were carried out with the active involvement and support of the City Hall.

The presentation of the discovery of Orozmani was held today in the village of Kvemo Orozmani. The monument was inspected and the found tooth was presented to the press and the general public.

The first archeological excavations in the territory of Orozman were carried out in 2021, during which stone tools made by the ancient inhabitants of Eurasia (Homo erectus) and the remains of extinct animals were discovered. Stone tools made by Homo erectus and remains of extinct animals were found on the site.

During the 2022 archaeological campaign, the Orozman International Archaeological Expedition discovered an early Homo mandibular tooth, a fourth premolar, in layers dated to 1.8 million years ago. The discovery of Orozman is of world importance and, together with Dmanisi, represents the center of the oldest distribution of the oldest human or early (Homo) in the world outside of Africa.

The mayor of Dmanisi municipality, Koba Muradashvili, along with his deputy Kakha Petriashvili, the chairman of the council, Paata Kuliashvili, and members of the council attended the event.