Posted: 4 years ago

Alternative Medicine on the Black Sea Coast – Georgia Palace Kobuleti Invites Guests to an Exotic Environment

In the 21st century, a lot of people have to live in constant stress, exhaustion, and tension. There is very little time, if any, to escape from this routine. That’s why very often people have to get used to such a life.

However, if we speak the truth, in modern world, we don’t really need a lot of time or a special effort to relieve stress and tension. There are a lot of means for that, and today we will tell you about the most effective method of dealing with stress, the Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science – as the word itself indicates, it is the science of life, the art of life, while in reality it is more than science!

Ayurveda counts approximately 4000 years of history, which means it existed when there still was no other science, such as philosophy or medicine.

Ayurveda unites a cycle of multipurpose massages. Correspondingly, it is possible to treat numerous problems with these massages, such as metabolism, insomnia, hair loss, eyesight problems, detox, as well as chronical diseases, such as psoriasis.

As we already mentioned, in the modern world, it is very easy to receive any service and solve any problem. However, it is important to combine this simplicity with an ideal quality, good service, and professionalism, to make your requirements possible to complete.

Finding a place in Georgia that would 100% adjust to your requirements is difficult, but not unattainable, as there is Georgia Palace in Kobuleti, where the environment, service, and quality have come together, making satisfaction of the guests reach its maximum.

The hotel complex Georgia Palace is the place where the first Indian panchakarma treatment centre functions exclusively. This centre unites cycles of both medical and relaxation massages.

In the hotel located on the beautiful Black Sea coast, you can experience the essence oil fragrance and medical effect that counts thousands of years. It must be mentioned that in Georgia Palace the massage cycle is conducted by Indians, which increases the quality and makes the effect even more noticeable. Doctors of the Ayurveda panchakarma programme study your health problems and complaints in detail and select daily procedures, taking them into account. And then, with their magic movements and aromatic oils they will make you feel in an exotic environment, relieving you of all worldly stress, as if it never existed in your life.

Health centre at the hotel is equipped with wooden massage beds brought from India, a steam room, and fragrant essence oils.

Ayurveda massage cycle is not only relaxing or medical, it also offers customers a cosmetic line.

To keep it short, if you visit the Georgia Palace health centre, you’ll come back without any stress or exhaustion, but also having lost a few kilograms, with less cellulite and with an ideal and glowing skin. Trust us, these procedures will become your favourites!

Soon the spring sun will become hotter, and visiting the Black Sea coast will be a good idea. Come to Kobuleti, enjoy the sea, 5-star hotel service, environment, and at the same time leave your stress and exhaustion here, while taking the enthusiasm for life and a healthy body back to your usual rhythm of life.