Posted: 8 months ago

Age of Empires II Welcomes Georgian Civilization with King Tamar as a New Character

The iconic video game Age of Empires is set to welcome the Georgian civilization, with King Tamar emerging as a prominent character. Age of Empires' official website recently announced this exciting development, revealing that both Georgian and Armenian civilizations will be featured in the game's latest installment.

Titled "The Mountain Royals," this new chapter will not only introduce the Georgian and Armenian realms but will also present a revamped version of the Persian civilization. Alongside King Tamar, characters like Thoros II and Ishmael will make their debut.

In-game visuals now showcase quintessentially Georgian architectural marvels, including temples and castles. Players are nudged to strategically utilize the challenging terrains of the Caucasus to thwart adversarial invasions. The gameplay mechanics also highlight the formidable Monaspa, elite Georgian warriors known for their might.

For context, Age of Empires first captivated gamers in 1997. Since then, it has been enriched with sequels, each introducing varied narratives and civilizations. Remaining undeniably popular, the game continues to treat its loyal fanbase with frequent strategic updates. As for "The Mountain Royals," fans can eagerly mark October 31 on their calendars for its official release.