Posted: 1 month ago

A Modern Homage to Sergo Parajanov with 'The Color of Pomegranate' Choreographic Performance"

On March 18th, Rustaveli Theater will host the exceptional choreographic performance "The Color of Pomegranate," celebrating the centennial of the iconic film director Sergo Parajanov. This groundbreaking event is supported by TBC, the Embassy of Armenia in Georgia, the Embassy of France, and the French Institute of Georgia.

Blending hip-hop with traditional Caucasian rhythms, folk, and electronic music, this performance breathes new poetic life into Parajanov's artistic heritage. The show is under the artistic direction of French choreographer Mourad Merzouki, with the original concept by Saté Khachatryan of the French theatre group "Saté-âtre."

Sergo Parajanov, a celebrated laureate of numerous film awards, was a filmmaker, screenwriter, and artist renowned for his influential works, including "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" (1965) and "The Color of Pomegranate" (1969).