Posted: 1 week ago

Zviad Tsikolia Unveils 'Corners of Georgia', A New Ronius Watch Collection

Industrial designer, Zviad Tsikolia, has introduced a new series of Ronius Watches called "Corners of Georgia". The launch of this exclusive collection was announced on Tsikolia's personal Facebook page, where he shared his inspiration for the unique series.

Tsikolia stated, "I've always desired to showcase our stunning nation, and what better medium than a watch for this purpose? Collaborating with Thea Micaiah to create a distinctive graphic for every 'corner', I am confident in the exceptional quality of our work."

Tsikolia revealed that the collection highlights 13 unique aspects of the country. Each aspect has a limited run of 30 watches, making them a coveted addition for collectors. The "Corners of Georgia" series is available for purchase from today via the Ronius Watches' Facebook page, their official website, and the Cikolia brand boutique.

"The limited quantity of each watch adds to their exclusivity. If someone wants to secure a piece, they should act promptly," advises Tsikolia. "The series not only tests potential color additions for future productions but also targets the tourist segment. However, given the limited availability, I anticipate the majority of the buyers to be Georgians. This collection is a tribute to our nation's corners."

The price for the new series can be found on the Ronius Watches' website and Facebook page. The cost of the previous "Georgian Alphabet" series ranged from 500 to 600 GEL. As posted on the BM.GE Facebook page, the gold watch from the new collection is priced at 565 GEL, while the silver version is available for 515 GEL.