Posted: 2 weeks ago

Zoma Launches New Prints in Collaboration with Paqizi

Part of the summer collection of Zoma was created within the collaboration of graphic designer Paqizi.
Georgian brand of clothes and accessories, "Zoma" appeared on the market in 2017.
"This is a socially active, rebellious brand and its created clothes, accessories, and details mark out the personality and lifestyle. "Zoma" is dynamic; it never sets aside when it thinks that its voice is relevant. The language of the protest and its expression is also specific, free, and bold."

The main goal of the collaboration was to create prints with Georgian letters.

"For creating these, we used several works by Paqizi and created new words/prints with the same inspiration."

The new collection will be in the sale next week. Orders received through the website will be delivered within a maximum of 1 hour throughout Tbilisi.