Posted: 1 month ago

ZARQUA COLLECTION Launched Website for International Sales

Zarqua Collection shoes and bags can now be purchased on the international web platform worldwide.

According to the founder of the brand Nina Zarqua, pandemic has made the need for online sales and its development has even more urgent.

"We made a website that was launched a week ago and we already have users. The demand is quite high. Despite the pandemic, the sales rate has increased compared to the previous year. The website presents a detailed collection, users can easily see the visual and can see all other details, including price. In the future, we want to offer mobile applications as well," said Nina Zarqua.

Zarqua Collection is actively selling through the Instagram platform, collaborating with "Bayers", which have their own online platforms.

"We are focused on the social space and our content also provides detailed information and full visual perception to the customer. Probably, this is the main factor why the coronavirus did not affect our business," - says designer Nina Zarqua.