Posted: 6 days ago

Zarapxana Plans to Open Showrooms in Two Countries

Zarapxana plans to open showrooms in two countries by the end of 2022.

According to Nikoloz Nakopia, showrooms in the United Arab Emirates and the UK were due to open in 2020, although a pandemic changed company plans.

"We want to complete this plan in 2022 and we think that by the end of the year we will be able to open the first showroom abroad in the United Arab Emirates. Launching it in one market requires an investment of about $ 250,000, but it is important to produce marketing campaigns for its further establishment," said Nikoloz Nakopia at

It should be noted that Zarapxana still sells jewelry worldwide, although the company will officially present its products by opening showrooms.

"We think that in the conditions of a pandemic, the sector will not be able to get out of a difficult situation for several years. Nevertheless, we have positive expectations in 2022 and we plan to strengthen our positions by increasing the coverage of the local market, so that we can approach the financial indicators of 2019, "- explained Nikoloz Nakopia.