Posted: 2 months ago

You will no Longer Find a Buffet in Hotels - New Regulations Set for Guests

You will no longer find a buffet in hotels - due to the COVID 19 pandemic, new regulations will be introduced for hotel guests.

The concept of restaurants in hotels will change and the so-called "Swedish table" will no longer exist in the classical sense. As Shalva Alaverdashvili, the founder of the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants, explained on the air of "Business Partner", the guests will no longer have to touch the dishes.

"The guest cannot touch a plate, a fork, a knife or a glass. As you remember the plates  were placed together, the guest would take this plate and choose the desired food him or herself. Now the table will be limited from the front, on the other side there will be service staff, who will place the food on the plate and deliver it to the guest, ”Alaverdashvili said.

According to him, the staff will be fully equipped.

The regulations will also apply to the pool area, as the sunbeds will be placed at a distance of 2 meters.