Posted: 4 years ago

With the Support of TBC Bank, Forum UzInvest 2019 held in London

The Forum - UzInvest 2019 was held in London for investors, business, banking and other sectors. The theme of the event was about investment opportunities and prospects in Uzbekistan.

Senior executives from different sectors of the world, as well as representatives of the Government of Uzbekistan informed the audience about the investment environment in Uzbekistan. Participants had the opportunity to engage in discussions and provide comprehensive answers to issues of interest to them.

TBC is a partner of UzInvest 2019 this year. The event was attended by the Deputy General Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Bank, Giorgi Shagidze, who participated in the panel discussion.

The panel discussion focused on the commercial and retail banking sector in Uzbekistan and the development opportunities of this sector, including banking services/products and infrastructure. Among the topics discussed at the panel were the prospect of capital markets in Uzbekistan and the need for regulations in different areas.