Posted: 1 year ago

With Georgian Magic Spacesuit on MARS

Elven Technologies with the global mission – delivery of a human being onto MARS with Georgian innovative spacesuit.

Elon Musk plans to deliver the first human being onto MARS in 2024. He released the mentioned statement in 2019. To implement this mission, it is necessary to design and produce corresponding spacesuit. However, it is a very difficult task to manufacture special spacesuit for MARS. Georgian company Elven Technology has decided to fulfill this mission. In this working process the company differentiated several components and started developing the project in several phases.

At this stage, the company is working on improving 2 technologies of 10 ones: cooling system and hot-resistance.

Without atmosphere and magnetic surface, MARS cannot neutralize sunrays. Therefore, a human being remains vulnerable to extreme heat and radiation. The Georgian spacesuit will be assembled in about 6 months and the company plans to cooperate with firefighters to test the product in both laboratory and open space, after which they will be able to use their spacesuit.

The company founder and executive director Vamekh Kherkheulidze says that the current prototype is resistant to about 1200-degree heat for 30 minutes. With this product the company pans to launch exports, however, huge job should be performed to develop the project from the firefighter suit to a special spacesuit. Research way differs from other ways, because it has its own pace and direction, Kherkheulidze noted.

The Georgian startup has won a 100,000 GEL grant from GITA and a 320,000 EUR grant from CBRN. The company needs additional 700,000 USD to implement the mentioned project. The company founder believes that Georgian private investors will make essential contribution to developing this global project.